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A few thoughts about graduation.

Graduation is coming up and I am having completely neutral emotions. OK, fine, I am happy. I can’t wait to get the fuck out of this town! I have never gotten all the hype about that graduation is so sad because you leave your friends behind. Not that I have many friends, but I once had, and if you are so fucking afraid of losing your friends, then maybe they’re not as good friends as you assume… Just saying…



Music appreciation: Avril Lavigne

OK, so I know I made a similar post on my previous blog, but I couldn’t have a blog without Avril Lavigne on it. I just simply love her music. I love how totally different from the ordinary music of this generation and, not to mention, original her music is. I’ve been listening to her music since the early 2000’s, when she became popular. I just love how her music has no genre. It’s the perfect mixture of pop and rock music.


Is blasphemy okay?

Blasphemy comes in any shape or size, towards any religion, almost at all times. The issue has caught my attention lately: Is it okay?

Is it okay to out disrespect and condescend a religion?

One could say I am a pretty blasphemic person. I don’t really consider myself blasphemic, but I know many religious people would label me that way. And I seriously don’t mind.

The thing about religion is that people get so fucking butt hurt over nothing: As soon as you insult their religion, you are the worst person in the world.

Plus, of course, the fact that a lot of religious people use their religion to bring other people down, which is simply insane.

So yeah, I think blasphemy is at least acceptable if the religion is being used by some in a wrong way. But then that is the version of the religion you should judge, not the religion in itself.

I don’t know if I make any sense…


Oh… And shut up, it’s not personal! It’s an insult towards your religion, not you.

10 books (both international and Norwegian)

1. The Help by Kathryn Stockett


2. The Minute of Honesty (Ærlighetsminuttet) by Bjorn Sortland


3. We Children from Bahnhof Zoo by Christiane Vera Felscherinow


4. Not Without my Daughter by Betty Mahmoody


5. The Hickey (Sugemerket) by Unni Lindell


6. Now Let Me Sing You Quiet Tunes (La Meg synge deg stille sanger) by Linda Olsson


7. Lucy Sullivan is getting married by Marian Keyes


8. Luna by Julie Anne Peters


9. The diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank


10. The Lord of the Rings trilogy

10 foods

1 Pasta carbonara


2 Lasagne


3 Curry chicken


4 Nachos


5 Tacos


6 Pizza


7 Anything chicken


8 Tortellini


9 Chicken wings


10 Mashed potato, home-made