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Update on oral exam.

So, in the heat of the moment, or so it seemed, society decided it was a good idea, at this particular time in history, to pull me out for an oral exam in *drum roll* press and photo!

That was pretty much the one subject I didn’t want, and of course I was pulled out.

Why am I fucking freaking-out nervous about this? Because my press and photo teacher said earlier this month about one of my projects in said subject: “If this was an exam, you would have gotten a 2 (Norwegian D-), maybe even lower.”

Isn’t she such a sweetheart though? That encourages my confidence about the exam by a mile! Not really.

So my goal: Pass that exam bitch, and then I’m out of there. Forever.




Everybody’s got a dark side…

Here’s the new Kelly Clarkson music video, “Dark Side”. It’s a somewhat powerful and meaningful video, and the song is great too. Take a look!


Update + summer plans!

Okay, so first of all; it’s been a really, really messed up week. In some ways you can say my weekend started already on Tuesday, when I was out on a Chinese restaurant with my friends. Had a good time.


Then came the Wednesday, where I was at my friend’s house watching the two latest episodes of Glee, crying my eyes out and yelling at her TV screen.


On Thursday it was May the 17th, which is Norway’s answer to 4th of July. We have a pretty weird celebration of that day here in Norway: We all dress up and hit the town (even the deadbeats who only go out at this particular time of year), where we get on carousels and eat cotton candy and hot dogs and waffles and whatever there is. Also, there are a lot of Norwegian flags. But a day off is always good, no?



That night we headed off to my friend’s place where we were having a blast. Shame we got kicked off to my other friend’s place though, but it didn’t really matter.


The day after we had brunch at my best friend’s grandparents’ place. So delicious!


On Saturday I had the chillest day of the week. I was at my best friend’s house with her and Anna. We were watching The Desert Flower, a couple of Asian movies which we talked through about bad haircuts and Thor. By the way, I hate Thor, as in the character. “Know your place, brother!” Who the hell says that? Not strange Loki went insane.



On Sunday I was watching Glee with Anna, again crying, but not nearly as much as I did the first time I saw those two episodes.


This weekend I’ll be going to Oslo for a shopping spree with my friends.


And now I’m here. It’s a pretty sunny day in my town today, and therefore I was inspired to fill you in on my summer plans:


Plan number 1: Graduate.

–          This will go over perfectly for as long as my gymnastic coach realizes what she’s doing and that I’ve actually attended all her classes the past semester. And for as long as I’m not being pulled for a press and photo oral exam.



Plan number 2: I think my friends and I drunkenly agreed on a Glee marathon sometime during our vacation.



Plan number 3: Go to Berlin.

–          Staying for two weeks in an apartment we are borrowing from my uncle. We are travelling by car, so we will head off to at least Prague for some certain amount of time during our trip.



Plan number 4: Go to Gothenburg.

–          We go there every year, and my brother and I will hit Liseberg like a couple of eight-year-olds like we always do. We have the greatest bonding time during those trips.



Plan number 5: Celebrate my best friend’s 19th birthday!



Plan number 6: Move.

–          I will probably go to Stavanger, which is a somewhat bigger town than the one I’m living in now, to study English Language and Literature. Starting to get excited to just get the fuck out of here now.


Barack Obama takes a stance on gay marriage.

Okay, so I know that I am a bit late to come up with a statement on said subject, as it was stated about twenty-four hours ago, but still. I feel like I should say something on the manner.

As you may know, President Barack Obama has now finally come up with a statement on the gay marriage issue, which by all means is a very central issue in the United States as opposed to many other western countries (which either has it legalized as if it was no big deal or won’t hear of it).

I, for one, could not be more thrilled. It means so much that the president has taken this stance on such a serious matter, and it also means a lot that he came up with the statement in such a challenging and probably busy time in the US politics in general. This is not necessarily going to win him many more delegates or voters. Maybe it is only going to mean the opposite, which makes the statement even more bold and believable.

So yes, my respect for the president truly escalated even further when I heard the news. I have never, and will not ever, minimize in any way how important I think this issue really is, especially in such a somewhat conservative country as the United States.

Rights are called rights for a reason; they are rights. And rights shouldn’t have to be voted on in the first place, if you ask me. They should have been granted from the very beginning.

But we live to some extent in a world of discrimination, and that is something every nation needs to work on.

And the importance of the gay rights movement lies within the youth culture; the suicide rates among teens of the gay community. What are the right-winged politicians of the US promoting by stating their values and believes regarding said issue? They are problematizing and, even more importantly, alienating homosexuality, which again causes children to believe bullying people is completely acceptable.

I will not speak further about that, because I think I have said enough about that as it is.

My point is; I am thrilled and I truly hope this will have a remarkable effect on the gay rights development in the USA.

Progress has been made.


Whoever reads this is probably gonna hate me.

I don’t give a shit how healthy you are.

I don’t give a fuck how much you work out. I don’t give a fuck how much salad you eat. It seems to me like about 75 percent of girls/young women between the age of 17 and 25 at some point get bit by what I refer to as the health bug.

They get obsessed with being healthy; working out, eating vegetables. And that’s okay. That’s completely fine. What makes it annoying to the 25 percent of girls/young women who don’t get bit by that bug, is how those people brag about and report everything about how healthy they are being.

Let me be very clear; working out is good. Eating healthy is good. Especially if you’re displeased by your appearance or health.

But don’t shove it down other people’s throats. You won’t reach any goals by doing that. Not even your own. You won’t lose any pounds or the likeliness of getting cancer won’t decrease if you go around and brag about it. As a matter of fact; you probably won’t get any results just by preaching about your health. You need to do something. The amounts of preaching you do about working out and being healthy; those amounts have to match the amount of working out and eating healthy that you do. Or else it doesn’t count.

And don’t try to make people who don’t work out or eat healthy to do it, unless their lifestyle choices are completely dangerous for them. I will take me as an example; I eat whatever I want, I have a stable weight and I hardly ever get sick.

Then tell me; why should I care about what I eat, and why should I work out, when I am pleased enough with my appearance and health not to?

If you are displeased with yourself; too fucking bad. Do something about it. Don’t go around telling people to do what you should be doing.

Also, that being said; people who brag about how healthy they are, but don’t show any result whatsoever to the outside world, are just annoying. That is proof they are bragging more than they actually work out or eat healthy.

I know it might make you feel better to push your problems onto people who don’t struggle with those problems, but it is fucking annoying to those who are being persuaded here.

So just stop, okay? Just stop.

Get off. Eat a salad or some shit. Go for a walk. Don’t post it all over Facebook or your blog or scream it in other people’s faces. At least not if your intention is to convert other people to your lifestyle.

It’s your problem. Fix it.

–          Love, me.



And this is my life, and I am fucking happy! What if I told you this is how you should live your life? Oh no, can’t have that, now can we?