Monthly Archives: June 2012

Forbidding niqab in Norwegian high schools? Not cool.

A reform is likely to be passed in the Norwegian high school system, regarding women and use of niqabs. This reform states that it should be forbidden for women to wear niqabs on school property. The reason, according to the supporters of this reform: It is difficult to have a dialogue with a person whose face you cannot see.

I, for one, am completely against this reform. I find it blatantly stigmatizing. Yes, I of course, as everyone, have my critical personal opinions regarding use of niqab in a modern society, but I still do not think it should be forbidden.

Think about it! There actually are women who are forced by their family etc. to wear religious pieces of clothing. If those are forbidden in school, these girls might not show up to school anymore, and then they will not get a proper education, and is that not exactly what we are trying to prevent by preaching about integration every five fucking minutes in this country?

So just because some teachers are uncomfortable talking to a person whose face can’t be seen, doesn’t mean they automatically should gain the right to deny a person their education.

And that’s all I have to say about that.