Monthly Archives: July 2012

We’re cleaning up the past!

Hey guys!

Figured I could give you an update now sooner than later.

My family has family come to their senses, and realized it was time to do some slight re-decorating to our house. That has not been done since… I don’t think it ever has been done, and they moved into our house in 19-fucking-91.

But now they have come to their senses. At least I think they have.

We are in the process of cleaning our garage. That is much easier said than done, seeing as it hasn’t been cleaned in about seven years. Seriously, there are mice there in the winter. They have made a fucking stock of nuts in there, so there were a lot of mice-bitten, empty nutshells. Delicious.

Today I finally cleaned my room for good. Not that I never clean my room (shut up, I do), but I have had this bunch of stuffed animals and dolls and bed sheets laying behind my commode forever, and today I finally got rid of that bunch.

It feels fantastic. So now I am cleaning my room thoroughly. God, it feels great!



Hey guys!

I am back! I got myself a new computer, so that means I will probably find some time to bother you with new posts.

I have decided, despite what I told you earlier this year, not to move this year for college, but instead take a gap year. I am just going to find myself a job and earn up some money. Then I might go to college next year.

Scratch that. I WILL go to college next year. What do you take me for? Some deadbeat relative you won’t keep in touch with?

So… I guess that was it! I had a lovely vacation this year, and nothing much has really happened, so I guess we will just leave it at that.