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Please, take one hour of your time to watch this video.


This is what makes me proud of my generation. Here is a man who is no more than two years older than myself, speaking up with dignity, intelligence, enlightenment, decency and knowledge about one of the most central moral/political issues in this world today.

Please take just one moment to watch this video. Maybe it will change or strengthen your point of view.


New update.

Hello world!

Okay, so I know I have been a little distant lately, but that is just because I have absolutely nothing to write about, because nothing has happened in my life lately. At least nothing so remarkable I feel the need to tell the world about it.

But let me just say that seeing as the presidential election is coming up soon, you can assume to get much quicker updates on this blog when that time’s approaching.

As you all know, I am supporting Obama in said debacle. I frankly can’t see how the Republicans can call themselves a political party, because the issues they are fighting against aren’t even political issues. They are opposing human rights, basic rights of people, and those shouldn’t be seen as a political statement.

You will see more of my opinions on the matter when the fall comes along.

Talk to you later!

Of colds and rollercoasters…

Hey guys!

So, I have managed to catch on with the worst cold in the universe. It is not even funny. But I think I am getting better now, so that is a good thing.




This week I will be going to the movies with my best friends, and on Sunday I am going to Gothenburg in Sweden with my family. Amusement park, here we come! Damn, I love that kick of adrenaline you get from a good rollercoaster ride.




Have fun this week!