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“No man shall end up alone.” – Where the hell did that go?

A few months ago I posted a video on here, of a man not many years older than me, analyzing every single argument against gay marriage biblically, and hence proving that no, despite how many Christians interpret it, homosexuality, practiced or unpracticed, is no sin.

One argument he specifically made that still stays with me to this day (keep in mind that you should all really watch that video, if you haven’t already; you’ll find it on here), was that in the very beginning of the Bible somewhere (I am not religious, don’t tell me to refer to where it was stated, that’s not my job), that “no man shall end up alone, without a suitable life partner”.

The Bible says nothing about woman or man, it just states “suitable life partner”. Now, I don’t know whether or not the founding fathers of the Bible, whoever they are, meant that a man can be a suitable life partner for a man, but saying as it doesn’t say it can’t be so, then I wonder where that went.

It is fairly assuring that a woman isn’t a suitable life partner for a gay man, and vice versa. Even the most opposing anti-gay activist must agree there. Right? Then where did that quote go? Were we just skipping that one for the sake of some ignorant dickheads’ narrow-mindedness? Well, that doesn’t sound very Christian, does it?

I am not religious, but I know a thing or two about religion. I had a Catholic confirmation, god damn it. And I have one thing to ask: Is it moral to force a person to live in constant heartbreak?

When you are opposing gay people’s right to marry, you are doing exactly that: Forcing them to spend the last weeks, days, months, alone.

If the religious freaks all around the world get their deeply twisted, non-religious despite the cause ways, gay people won’t only be denied the right to marry. They will also be denied the right to have children and the right to stay by their partner’s side during said partner’s last days of life.

Then you are forcing them to end up alone.

Think about that the next time you preach hate in the word of God. Because you are doing a really fucking bad job at being a good Christian.


You’re not a loser until you’re in denial about being one.

If there is one feeling I think we all fear in our lives at some point, it is the feeling of growing up. Not just the emotional aspect of it, but also about all the physical aspects: Paying your bills, finding a place to live, creating your own life, take full control of your own economy, apply for a loan, find an apartment, find a proper education, get a job, etc.


I can fairly say I have never been able to do any of those things. I haven’t paid any bills, I haven’t found myself a place to live for myself, I guess I have full control of my own economy, but my economy isn’t all that much to brag about, I haven’t applied for a loan, found an apartment, gotten a job or an education.


I have my high school diploma and this year I spend to find out what I want to do with my life, with school or work getting in the way as a distraction.


But I know that I will do at least one of those things as of next year. I know my own limits; I know that if I found myself a job right now, I would have settled for that job and not wanted to go back to school.


And getting stuck in your 50,000-populated small-town with a lame-ass job and nothing but a high school diploma – that’s not something I want for myself. I need an education; I need to do something of substance with my life.


We all have a total loser in our lives. One we absolutely don’t want to end up like.


No, I agree, we should not make assumptions. Just because you have a lame-ass job and low education in your hometown doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a total loser, but on a general basis I go by the judgment saying that you are not a loser until you are fully content with your loser-like situation.


If you haven’t graduated high school, and think that is perfectly fine, then there’s got to be something wrong.


I know I am living in a loser-like situation. I am not in denial about that. But I am not content with it. I am not going to live off my parents for the rest of my life.


I am just allowing myself a whole year in total freedom, where I try to figure out what I am going to do for the rest of my life.


No matter if I figure that out or not, I will go to college next year. No matter what. Even if I don’t know what I want to do.


That is how it goes. I will probably live with my parents for the next year as well, seeing as my economic situation is very limited.


I don’t even know what this was supposed to be… But it has been roaming my mind since I graduated, and I think I needed to words on that thought.


Peace out.



Why am I more interested in American politics than Norwegian?


A question that has been roaming my mind for quite a while now, is why the hell I care so much about American politics as opposed to Norwegian politics (for those who don’t know, Norway is the tiny, meaningless country in which I happen to live).


And there you have it, guys. It’s meaningless, pointless. It matters so little compared to the entire picture of the world.


I am gonna give you a quick outlook on the political system in Norway: We have all in all eight main parties. Whenever there is an election, it so somehow decided which combination of those parties that is going into office. How our entire election process goes down, I have no idea. Hence; I actually don’t own much knowledge about the political system in my country, because it really doesn’t matter.


Besides; none of them are probably ever gonna get anything done drastically anyway. They all have nearly the exact same opinion on everything, aside from a few cases…


Looking at the issues I am doing a good job preaching about here, one should, looking at the country I live in, think I would be pretty happy. But just because yes, we have gay marriage legalized, and yes, this country has been declared one of the best countries for women to live in, it doesn’t really matter much when you look at the rest of the world. Because the rest of the world is still the same.


The American politics matter, on an international basis. Here in Norway we have a Secretary whom, I have a strong suspicion, doesn’t know what the hell he is doing in the first place (no offense). And as if that wasn’t enough, this is a tiny country that doesn’t really matter.


Sure, I would love the idea that certain politicians here try to build up that Norway is supposed to be this walking tab first in line in a parade, leading the way as an example for other nations all around the world, because ‘look how far we’ve come’, but the sad truth is, I know that is never going to happen.


Am I happy that I am living in a very privileged country? Yes, of course I am happy. Is there still shit that needs to be done here? Yes, of course. There always is. Do I really care about this country’s politics as a whole? No, I don’t. Maybe I should, I don’t know, but I don’t.


Because when Barack Obama speaks, the world listens. When any well-profiled politician in America, with human stances on certain issues, speaks out in favor/opposition of anything in this world, the world listens. I can’t say that the same thing happens when our prime minister speaks. Sorry, Jens.


I just like being a part of the world as a whole, instead of keeping myself locked within my own privileged walls.


My sister asked me right before Obama was re-elected why I cared so much about American politics as opposed to our own, because ‘it wouldn’t really affect me, would it?’


The answer is, by all means, both yes and no. In some ways it wouldn’t. Not concretely. But this entire world gets influenced by the USA one way or another. So I’d better be rooting for it to be the right kind of influence.


Peace out!

Let’s talk about Christmas!!!



Let’s talk Christmas! The Yule Tide is upon us. Ho, ho, ho…



Actually, it is more than a month left, but who the hell is counting? I sure ain’t. So, in time for the holiday (and by holiday I mean both advent and Christmas), I decided to make a little list over things I personally love about Christmas and the four weeks beforehand:



1. The music! Admit it: You practically love every Christmas carol there is.





2. The lights. Lights, lights, lights everywhere! And how it lights up even the dullest little town ever when it gets dark.






3. The smells: Christmas trees, gingerbread, mandarins, cloves, everything.






4. The coke commercial, because come on.






5. Sweet baby Jesus in the manger. I am not even religious, but the Christian faith is a part of the Western cultural heritage, so the nativity story somehow belongs.






6. All the decorations!







7. The Christmas specials on TV or Christmas movies. You probably have some of those no matter where you live.







8. Presents! You can’t even deny it, we all love presents: Buying presents, giving presents, receiving present and wrapping presents.







9. All the Christmas candy!







10. The food in general (cookies and meals and all).







11. Beautiful pictures from cities I am not in (a bit sentimental but whatever).






12. Memories from way back when (we all become extremely nostalgic at Christmas, might as well admit it).







13. More or less reliable charity movements out in the streets.







14. Calendars.


Movie recommendation: Country Strong (2010)


This week I finally got my shit together and decided to watch the movie “Country Strong”. It has been recommended by many a friend of mine (okay, fine, I only have three friends, you happy?) for quite some time now, and yesterday I finally watched it.

It is honestly one of the best movies I have seen in a while. I am not going to post a lot of spoilers or anything, in case you haven’t watched it yet (huh, as if my blog has readers), but I will say one thing:

The movie is a delightful mixture of harmonic singing voices, consistent storylines and characters and not to mention phenomenal world-class acting, especially from Gwyneth Paltrow starring as the assumedly washed-up country legend Kelly Canter.

I highly recommend that you all watch this movie, it is truly amazing!



Yes, we still need feminism.

Feminism. Taste the word. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

I can’t answer for you, but many people associate the word ‘feminism’ with masculinity. I am not going to go all educational on you, but I will just try to make you face facts, because that is a complete misinterpretation.

In most common social environments, if you answer ‘yes’ to the question: “Are you a feminist?”, you will receive a few strange glares. In my experience, especially if there are men present. This usually happens because they have misinterpreted the word ‘feminism’. In the modern-day society, the word seems foreign to many people, in a way. It is by many associated with anti-male, braless, masculine women with short hair and no makeup, who walk around screaming out profanities about “standing together to fight the man”.

Misguided? Yes. Understandable? Maybe. Because a common opinion is that in today’s modern world, we don’t need feminism.

I beg to differ by stating that yes, we absolutely do. I am a feminist. And I am not about to throw away my makeup, my perfume, my bra, my tight-fitting clothes or my femininity just to make that statement. Actually, I hope that all women in heart are, even though my faith in humanity sinks deeper than Titanic when I see modern-day women vote for political candidates who want to strip them off their rights (and redefine the word “rape” for that matter).

For as long as women’s rights are questioned all over the world, we need feminism. Yes, the word is not of the equal kind, but truth is, it can’t be until men and women indeed are equal. And for as long as a woman’s right to for instance abortion is questioned, we need it.

“Pro-lifers” aren’t pro-lifers. They are anti-choice. In all honesty, they don’t give two shits about the fetus. They give a shit about their own power above the women of the world. They care about that power so much they will do anything not to lose it.

Other examples why we need feminism? Forgive me for sounding like a politically correct social justice blogger, but this needs to be said: Many men’s general attitude towards women. Just the little things.

Take the phrase: “I have a boyfriend.” The boy hitting on you respects your boyfriend’s possession over you more than your disinterest in him.

Movies. How many movies aren’t there where the geeky/ugly girl has to get a makeover to get the guy? MANY. Have you ever seen a movie where the geeky guy has to get a makeover to get the girl? No? Yes? How many? One or two? Okay, I rest my case.

Now, how many movies have you seen where the geeky guy gets the hot girl because she has to learn through the movie, how to see his ‘heart’ or whatever bullshit the movie is trying to teach us? A dozen? Yeah, me too… How many movies have you seen where the hot guy falls for the geeky girl because he has to learn how to see her heart? Not many? Nah, thought so.

There is something wrong there. So there are little things like that.

New exhibit! Last year, when I was still in high school (good ol’ times), I was lucky enough to be seated in front of a very sexist person whom one would think was secretly four hundred years old. Let’s call him the rape-apologist. He defended rape by stating: “Well, men are naturally stronger than women…”


I don’t know how to end this on a diplomatic note, because I really can’t. So then I will end it like one would end a bad middle school essay:

We all agreed it had been a nice day!


Here, have a picture of random idiots:


Four more years, bitches!!!!!


A time to not be diplomatic:


Hello everyone!

Barack Obama was re-elected president, which means that all the nerve-wrecking, basket case states I have found myself in through the past year were in vain.

Oh well.

This is a very happy day! The basic rights of gays, women and rape victims have been saved.

Let’s pop the champagne (even though it’s 8.00 am over here!)

The best is undoubtedly yet to come.


With love,