Why am I more interested in American politics than Norwegian?


A question that has been roaming my mind for quite a while now, is why the hell I care so much about American politics as opposed to Norwegian politics (for those who don’t know, Norway is the tiny, meaningless country in which I happen to live).


And there you have it, guys. It’s meaningless, pointless. It matters so little compared to the entire picture of the world.


I am gonna give you a quick outlook on the political system in Norway: We have all in all eight main parties. Whenever there is an election, it so somehow decided which combination of those parties that is going into office. How our entire election process goes down, I have no idea. Hence; I actually don’t own much knowledge about the political system in my country, because it really doesn’t matter.


Besides; none of them are probably ever gonna get anything done drastically anyway. They all have nearly the exact same opinion on everything, aside from a few cases…


Looking at the issues I am doing a good job preaching about here, one should, looking at the country I live in, think I would be pretty happy. But just because yes, we have gay marriage legalized, and yes, this country has been declared one of the best countries for women to live in, it doesn’t really matter much when you look at the rest of the world. Because the rest of the world is still the same.


The American politics matter, on an international basis. Here in Norway we have a Secretary whom, I have a strong suspicion, doesn’t know what the hell he is doing in the first place (no offense). And as if that wasn’t enough, this is a tiny country that doesn’t really matter.


Sure, I would love the idea that certain politicians here try to build up that Norway is supposed to be this walking tab first in line in a parade, leading the way as an example for other nations all around the world, because ‘look how far we’ve come’, but the sad truth is, I know that is never going to happen.


Am I happy that I am living in a very privileged country? Yes, of course I am happy. Is there still shit that needs to be done here? Yes, of course. There always is. Do I really care about this country’s politics as a whole? No, I don’t. Maybe I should, I don’t know, but I don’t.


Because when Barack Obama speaks, the world listens. When any well-profiled politician in America, with human stances on certain issues, speaks out in favor/opposition of anything in this world, the world listens. I can’t say that the same thing happens when our prime minister speaks. Sorry, Jens.


I just like being a part of the world as a whole, instead of keeping myself locked within my own privileged walls.


My sister asked me right before Obama was re-elected why I cared so much about American politics as opposed to our own, because ‘it wouldn’t really affect me, would it?’


The answer is, by all means, both yes and no. In some ways it wouldn’t. Not concretely. But this entire world gets influenced by the USA one way or another. So I’d better be rooting for it to be the right kind of influence.


Peace out!


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