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My TV-show recommendations.

As my dear friend, Anna decided to freshen up her blog a little, I thought I’d to the same, so here comes a list over my favorite TV shows, cancelled and still running. So if you have too little to do with your life, I recommend you start living mine:


Glee (2009- ).

In first place, I am putting Glee. I suppose I am not obligated to tell you what it is about, as it is one of the most famous (and infamous) shows out there. It’s basically a musical TV-show with varying plots and characters you love to hate and vice versa. Personally I think season 1-3 were the most epic, but season 4 is great too. WARNING: It is gonna make you cry so don’t believe those who say it’s a comedy. At its lightest, it’s a dramedy.



Shameless US (2011- ).

If you want a show that doesn’t give two shits about boundaries, this is the show for you: The show is impossible to sort into any genre, as it literally goes all over the place. The plot is fairly basic: A struggling family in Chicago with an absent mother and alcoholic father has to provide for themselves at the hands of the 21-year-old oldest sister – and from there on in, everything escalates.



Pretty Little Liars (2010- ).

This show is probably the closest I come to liking detective series. Four former girlfriends find themselves reunited at their late friend’s funeral, and turns out there was more to said friend’s death than what met the eye. WARNING: You can’t trust anybody.



Bomb Girls (2012- ).

Here I am, enjoying Canadian TV-shows! Bomb Girls is a historical drama about what a role women were in the position of, during World War II. The show specifically focuses on a group of women working at a bomb factory. Don’t worry, there are men in uniforms too.




The Secret Life of The American Teenager (2008-2013).

As this show is getting cancelled this summer, I think it is fair for me to recommend it. While the show’s writing is questionable, this teen drama was groundbreaking in its heyday (2008). Actually, when watching, you might realize how much has changed socially only since 2008. the show basically mentions every trigger there is: Sexuality, abuse, alcoholism, divorce, abortion, while still not being dark. Today I guess it goes under the category of just another teen drama with semi-ridiculous plots, but hey, I find it enjoyable!



My Mad Fat Diary (2013- ).

And I also evidently have a thing for British shows all of a sudden! This story is based on a true story that is localized in Great Britain, 1996. The plot revolves around an overweight girl and her friends, each of whom struggle with issues of varying kinds. It digs fairly deep, and is worth a shot.



Sex and The City (1998-2004).

I do not have to tell you what this show is about; you all know it. I am just saying – it is worth watching! Watch the whole thing and laugh your ass off.



Girls (2012- ).

This show revolves around a group of girls in their 20’s, trying to figure out their lives and where it is heading. There’s probably a lot more to it, but then I’d go into details, and I’d rather not. It’s worth a shot!