Monthly Archives: June 2013


Hello everybody.

I keep telling myself that I should keep this blog going more frequently. As a matter of fact, I tell myself this every time I make a new post (although that isn’t very often).

As I do not have many followers, and that it doesn’t really matter whether or not I do anyway, I could easily just use this blog as a journal, but for some reason, my life is so insignificant, I might just let it be.

As of lately I have caught up with a lot of things of my desire. I have written a great lot for my own sake only, and I have gotten to spend time with my friends. Exhibit A: We went to Gothenburg for a day in May, which made for a great day.

Summer is approaching, and this year, I will be going to Alicante, Spain with two friends of mine. Whatever your stereotypical brain tells you about the weather in Norway as of right now, is probably an accurate description. It’s raining all the time, and for summer, it’s cold, so I am looking forward to get away, if only for a week.

In addition, I have a good amount of family business going on. A good kind of family business, that is.

To top it all off, as far as my TV-show obsessed self goes, I have gotten started on Supernatural, a show that positively surprised me.

I guess that was all I had to say for now.

P.S.: I am devastated to hear the news about the gay rights-ban Russia has introduced. I hope the LGBT-community over there will fight regardless, however hopeless that may seem.