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I can still recall our last summer…

Alright, so that was bittersweet. Let’s get out of this wallowing bubble of misery and get real, shall we?

So, my summer. I bet you non-existent people are nothing but majorly excited to hear how it went. Well, I am not one to disappoint you.

It went well. Very well. Now, though, it’s over, which is kind of bittersweet.

My initial instinct was to give you a review in pictures, but honestly, my computer died and I have no pictures anymore, so too bad.

I am going to have to put words to it instead…

Alright, so my Great Summer consisted mainly in watching TV, hanging with friends, censoring my vocabulary, figuring out my future and did I forget to mention, a wonderful trip to Alicante, Spain… Not much out of the ordinary?

The TV-watching: Supernatural. Highly recommended, I’d say! Just prepare not to have a life for a month, and then you’ll be fine. (Not really, because you will cry and not be the same again, but whatever.)  As you may have guessed, I finished the entire thing. It took over my heart, soul, body and vocabulary… (Hint: We do not use the word “Hell” in vain anymore. Ever. Me, that is me and my best friend, specifically.)

Speaking of my best friend! She is leaving me. Bitch is going to the fucking States for nine months. No, no, no, don’t get me wrong, I am happy for her. A little pissed off too, though, but happy! *lights myself on fire*

My friends… Yeah, I hung out with them. By hung out, I mean watched TV and sunbathed for about two days… And then the sun went behind the tree… What am I saying?

The censoring of vocabulary… Yeah, I kinda informed you on that one.

My future! It is much more in tact now than it was last time I talked to you. I got into college in Oslo, which is awesome. I will have to travel back and forth every day until I can afford a place to live over there, but it’s not that bad. I’ll have my computer on the train, so I will be fine. Besides, I actually like physically travelling. I like sitting in cars and on trains… I am weird.

Our trip to Alicante was amazing, and here is where I toss in a picture regardless. It was sunny, I regained my appetite and was basically a happy, smiling mess despite doing absolutely nothing for a week after the trip was over. Such an amazing experience!