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Do celebrities have responsibility as role models?

Also known as: Why I think the Moral Police should go fuck themselves, since no one else will.

Personally, I am not an easily influenced person, at all, and I pride myself on that. Maybe that is something that has always been lingering in me, that separates me as the special snowflake that I undoubtedly am from the rest of the entire fucking world…?

Sensing the irony in the introduction? Good, because it’s so wrong. Not the first part, about me not being easily influenced, and never having been so, but that hardly goes for just me, and it’s probably not always been that way.

I’m not going to act like I understand children’s mentality, but I do pride myself on an impeccable memory which grants me with a severe amount of knowledge on how it was for me personally to be a child, and that gets me somewhere, in my estimation.

My early childhood – the years in which I was the most impressionable – took place in the ’90s. Now think about what kind of “role models” I and my generation was presented with, and don’t include the Disney-movies, however flawless they might have been. I watched Britney Spears dance on my TV-screen wearing very little clothing, I tried to dance like the Spice Girls, my friends had overly sexualized pictures of boy-band pretty boys hanging on their walls, and I was standing in my room at the age of six singing: “Boom, boom, boom, boom, I want you in my room!” and didn’t think twice about it.

Maybe people weren’t so strict back then? I mean, we are after all the last generation to actually play outside in the street without supervision, aren’t we? Maybe a child’s upbringing wasn’t seen as some tender thing that needed hours upon hours of nurturing? Maybe we weren’t so sheltered… Maybe, maybe, maybe.

But I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I had an incredible childhood, and my cultural preferences only contributed to that in a positive manner, which I am entirely grateful for.

I feel like society underestimates the qualities of people with great knowledge within pop culture, in general. Because such knowledge can be beneficial in many an aspect. I am grateful that I remember the essential parts of the ’90s as seen in the public eye, not only what was censored to fit my age and my age only. It makes my memory even more remarkable and allows me a ¬†greater perspective on my life and its general structure. So suck it.

Granted, it is up for discussion whether or not I turned out okay, but no matter what kind of “immoral” choices I made in my teen years, I can promise you one thing: My lame-ass choices aren’t Britney Spears’ nor Christina Aguilera’s fault. They’re mine.

Because my childhood was awesome and safe. Wanna know why? Because I had an actual upbringing! I had parents who didn’t leave it to a random celebrity to raise me. I had a grandmother who ensured I stayed emotionally healthy and happy.

Bottom line: If you are too sucky a parent to take care of your damn kids, don’t have any. And don’t leave it to famous people you haven’t even met to raise them. That’s your fucking job.

Peace out, except I don’t believe in that kinda shit!

– Ida.

Hey guys!

Man, I never seem capable of keeping this blog up and running. Since we last spoke, I have become completely invested in college life, which I assume is healthy, and I have got a new computer. Windows 8 is a bitch to work, but I guess I’ll get there.

Fall’s approaching! Me, personally, am a big fan of the fall. It’s beautiful, calming somehow and just the right kind of melancholic. Especially when it’s not raining. The fashion is gorgeous, and hello? TV-show season premieres approaching!

No, but it’s good getting back in the saddle again. Also, I have regained a passion for reading as of lately, which I also assume is healthy. I am a very healthy person. Nope.

Hope you are all having fun as well… Unless you’re dickheads, though, in which case I hope you step on lego.

– Ida.