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And then my rights went out the window!

A.K.A. the next time I witness a middle-aged man make a half-assed attempt at shoving his religion in between my legs, I am gonna close them up and kick him in the nuts. If he has any.

Hey mama, welcome to the ’60s!

Norway has found Marty McFly and the time machine and made its way back to the 1960s. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was not opposed to the idea of a new government. I thought: “Hey! A change could do you good!”
Remind me not to make that mistake again, because honestly, by the time the next election comes around, I might go insane and vote for the communist party on principle.

Maybe I am exaggerating, maybe I’m not, all I know is I am in the process of losing my damn mind!

As you might have guessed, this has to do with women’s reproductive rights and the right to choose in fucking general! I am not going to be particularly articulate or phrase my words eloquently in this post, so just suck it up and listen to this rant from a twenty-year-old woman living and breathing in Norway for one second, okay?

Our new government has taken it upon themselves to limit women’s abortion rights by giving our uneducated, exam-cheating doctors the liberty of denying us an abortion if their religious views call for it.
If your religious views are calling you so fucking intently, why don’t you become a pastor or a munk or a priest or a nun instead?

Here is how fucked the health care system in Norway is: Endless queues and lines. It’s hard enough to get a doctor’s appointment as is, and now we have to roam the country in order to no carry through with, say, for example, our rapist’s baby? Good to know. Very healthy. Did I mention an all too high percentage of our doctors cheat on their exams?

See, this is why I am never getting married… Or part of the reason why, anyway. See, I have women in, let’s call it, near circumstances, who were fighting really hard for women’s rights back in the ’70s and ’80s. What happened? Bitches got married and had kids and now they are all anti-choice.

I’m rambling.

Seriously: This has given me perspective. Perspective on how privileged I really am. SCRATCH THAT! WAS! What possesses men to believe they even have a say in this? It’s not their body. Go the fuck away. How can you trust me with a child if you can’t even trust me with a fucking choice of my own? Spoiler alert: You can’t!

Seriously, stop shoving God up my vagina, it’s getting irritating. I want a doctor who believes in scientific proof, not a spiritual being that he can worship as much as he wants in his own spare time. So now I have to stalk my doctor to see if she is religious, and if she is, then I’m going to have to change her. Again.

This is so damn ridiculous.

And those parties claim to be favoring everyone’s individual choice. Unless you are a woman, apparently!

What do they do if a thirteen-year-old girl gets raped and pregnant? What then?
Also, here is a question: A man rapes a woman. Woman gets pregnant. Woman has abortion. Who commits the worst sin? The rapist or the woman having had the abortion.

Here’s the deal about those fetuses that are being aborted: THEY CAN’T FUCKING LIVE OUTSIDE THE WOMAN’S BODY! They aren’t lives. Seriously: Fucking bugs can live on their own, and we still snatch them from time to time again.

Okay, fine.

If we can’t have an abortion, you can’t jerk off. Because your sperm cells might become babies one day. So good luck being all tense and pissed off. It ain’t fun.

I probably had a lot more to say, but I guess that’s it for today.

Bye bye.