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Deck the halls with boughs of holly!

The Christmas decorating has officially kicked off! My mother stands for the decorating, my dad has been lucky enough to clean the bathroom. I’m so jealous, obviously.

As for me… I bought a little thing.





A little trip to town + studying for Christmas final.

Hello everybody!

Today I headed downtown to by myself some things, specifically a new make-up remover + an energy drink, Ben & Jerry’s and some nuts. That’s right! It’s time for finals. Plus, I needed to check the stores to figure out whatever the fuck I want for Christmas this year. For now, all I can think of is a baby elephant (real one), baby giraffe (real one), a necklace and leather gloves.

I will have my home final next week, we get three days to work on it. For as long as I pass, I have figured I can settle and deal with pretty much anything. Wish me luck!

IMG_5055 IMG_5056

Yet another trip to Cathrine’s + Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello, my pretties!

So, yesterday I was at Cathrine’s place. We started off by watching the newest episode of Supernatural, before Anna came along to hang out with us. We listened to music and talked about all or nothing, basically.

Today’s thanksgiving! Every year my family decides to semi-celebrate this holiday, just by eating turkey and mark the holiday off the calendar, which I think is nice. It’s not much celebrated in Norway, but hey, my family is weird.

As for what I am thankful for… I would have to say the people who contribute to make my life fun and entertaining, my friends, nearest family… Oh yeah, I know. Total cliche.

I hope to whomever American who reads this, that they are having a wonderful day!

All the best.

– Ida



The Hunger Games, Catching Fire.

Alright, so I went off with Cathrine today. First we had pizza, which was absolutely delicious.


Then we went off to watch Catching Fire in theaters. And what a movie! It was absolutely incredible, and in my estimation, much better than the first one. Jennifer Lawrence did a wonderful job from start to finish, the characters of Finnick and Joanna were captivating and interesting, and the effects made the plot seem nothing but authentic. Definitely going to rewatch that one sometime down the road.


Thereafter, it was time to go home, in which case we spent twenty minutes sitting at the freezing bus station, singing our hearts out for no apparent reason.

IMG_5051 IMG_5052

Life as I know it…

Man, I love cities this time of year. Advent is fast approaching and the stores are following suit. Last Saturday I was in Oslo – this time with my family – in order to celebrate my mother’s birthday. My mother and I had a lovely time, as we separated from my siblings and father, in order to do some shopping/”looking around” on our own, before we sat down at a mall cafe.

Thereafter, we walked around the freezing cold streets for a little bit, before settling down in the city’s most fancy restaurant. Gotta be allowed to spend some money, no?

Whatever the case, here is a picture of me at the restaurant:


On Sunday, my siblings and I went to visit our grandparents for a little pre-Christmas fun. We ate lots of pizza, cake and candy and had a great time.

Now, considering it is one week left until I get the ask for my home final, I will have to spend this week reading.

Well… Not the entire week. Today I will be going to the movies and dinner with my dear friend Cathrine. Catching Fire. I’m really excited for it! As a matter of fact, I haven’t been to the movies since I saw Les Miserables in January, which is odd for me, considering I am a major cinema buff at heart.

Oh well, stay tuned! I will make sure to keep you guys updated more frequently from now on. I know I have hinted at that before, but this time, it’s a promise.

Lots of love.

– Ida