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Long time, no writing, I know. First, I want to tell you that my internship is coming to an end. Next week is my final week, and it has truly been a giving and memorable experience. I feel like I am more familiar with which path I am heading now that I have seen my to-be profession live and in action.

Last Saturday, I gathered with my friends for a goodbye-dinner for Mia, who went back to the US yesterday.


On Monday, Mia and I had a movie night at Cathrine’s place, where we watched Precious and The Great Gatsby. Both are really great movies, so we had a good time.


Then, on Tuesday, Mia, Cathrine and I went swimming in the local swimming hall. It was refreshing, granted, but damn, do I miss summer! On Wednesday we yet again met at Cathrine’s place, this time, to watch Supernatural. Great episode, as they tend to be.

So now Mia has left, I am preparing to start school again, and the snow keeps falling.

Until next time,




Update, this past week!

This weak has, in short, consisted in major headaches every other day, some interesting work experiences, an awesome night out, and a clever look through my diseased grandmother’s belongings.

I have had some awful tension headaches as of lately. I am a hypochondriac, so obviously, my impulsive instinct tells me I have cancer somehow, but that is rather unlikely. Considering we are only talking about tension headaches, and that while painful, they aren’t so horrendous they aren’t bearable, I think I will be fine by now. Usually, they occur every other day, but over the course of weekends, I don’t have one, I suppose they are just due to a different every-day life, that takes time getting used to. Additionally, no headache ever lasts over night. If it isn’t gone after three weeks, I’ll see my doctor about it, but until then, I will stay as calm as possible.

Other than that, work is good. This past week, I have spent plenty of time at the library’s magazine, sorting through old books, and getting a glance at some of our antique treasures. While dusty and capable of ruining my shoes, this was quite the interesting experience as well,

Yesterday, I went out with some dear friends of mine. We met at our friend Ragnhild’s place, and boy, considering I still live with my parents at the age of 21, seeing young women my age getting their own place, really made me want to move out. Her apartment was lovely though, and we had a great time there, drinking some delicious spiked smoothie before we hit the town. When we arrived at what has become a regular spot for me and Mia, we immediately hit the dance-floor, and the night was an all-around blast. Later on, we went out for kebabs, before Mia’s mother picked us up at around 3AM. It was a fun night!

*some pics are yet to come*

Today my mother has finally started sorting thoroughly through all the things she inherited from my grandmother, that have just been stored in card boxes underneath the stairway ever since her passing three years ago. So far, I have been left with a few treasures, but who knows? More might be to come. Among those treasures, are a necklace with a matching ring (I believe she used those when she was my age, possibly younger), a few pictures of me from my childhood, and her first sewing box (which I assume is from the late 1930s – early 1940s).

Have a look!


Her old sewing box

Her old sewing box

My own new jewelry box. Pretty, right?

My own new jewelry box. Pretty, right?

Her jewelry.

Her jewelry.



Pics from my childhood. That's me and my parents.

Pics from my childhood. That’s me and my parents.



This past week.

I started, as you all know, my internship last week. It was all-around a pleasant experience, and I am looking forward to working there until the 5th of February. My colleagues are sweet and the working day is varied and challenging. I love it.

On the downside, I have been saddled with a cold this past week as well. It is finally starting to fade, and now I am only left with headaches that come and go. Hypochondriac as I am, I obviously believe I am having an aneurysm or a brain tumor, but that is rather unlikely. Probably just the cold wearing off.

I redecorated my room the other day, in the sense that I got rid of all the Christmas decorations, and started decorating differently. Among others, I got rid of all the posters and unnecessary, outdated pictures. I got a few beautiful table cloths from my grandmother and grandfather for my birthday (crocheted by my grandmother), and I bought a box for collection of varying kinds of supplies I am going to need once I move out, whenever that may be.

Speaking of moving out! I am continuously looking at apartments, just to terrorize myself. Living in Oslo is so damn expensive, and while I have saved more than 10 000 Norwegian kroner (1000 pounds, $1600), it’s going to take more than that. The key, obviously, would be to first get a job in Oslo, and THEN start looking for a place to live, but that would make for quite the complicated temporary situation, so we will see what happens.

I promised you pictures of my birthday presents, of which you are soon to be provided, however, I will also allow you to see my room as it is now, but it is not entirely finished, as I will buy a couple more decorations when I go to the mall today. Stay tuned!

Tomorrow I will go out with Mia and perhaps Jonny. Gonna be fun, albeit not the healthiest choice, given my cold and all. Oh well, I’m still young! … Right?

Have fun!

P.S.: Over the course of my time being sick, I watched the British sitcom “My Family”. It is so fun! I love British humor.

Yay, it’s my birthday every day!

Today I turn 21 years old! I celebrated yesterday with Anna, Cathrine, Jonny and Mia, as we headed out for dinner, before we went out dancing. We had a vorspiel at my place, with lots of laughter. The dinner was exquisite, and our night was a blast. I had so much fun, I didn’t notice that I got tired.

739380325 1806857909

This morning I woke up with a cold, which was annoying, so today I have been drinking lots of green tea, in a desperate hope that it will somehow cure me as fast as possible. My aunt and uncle came over for a cup of coffee today, bringing my present. I will go into detail about the presents later. My grandparents also dropped something off for me. Other than that, I have been eating lots of white chocolate, and watched Disney’s Tarzan on TV. My mother and I cried like babies.
Thereafter, my family and I went out to get Indian food. It was absolutely delicious.

IMG_3775 20140105_155835 20140105_155845 20140105_155855

I know I look like a mess. Being hung-over and sporting a cold at the same time, will do that to you.

Now I am going to enjoy a relaxing evening with Sex and The City. Tomorrow I will start my internship at the local library. Hope I’ll be in better health by then. Wish me luck!

P.S.: Thanks to everyone for your kind words and lovely presents. It has been a lovely birthday celebration.

Happy new year!

I celebrated the new year with some good friends of mine. We had a blast, and the food (cooked by Mia) was absolutely delicious. Take a look:


Tables before and after decoration

Tables before and after decoration



Anna, Jonny, Mia and I preparing for the party. Mia is the one at the stove!

Anna, Jonny, Mia and I preparing for the party. Mia ”is the one at the stove!

We had turkey, creamed potatoes, vegetables and gravy. Absolutely delicious!

Then the guests arrived!

Then the guests arrived!

Our lovely hostess for the evening, Anna.

Our lovely hostess for the evening, Anna.


Two of our three gentlemen attending.


734083_687502767948167_1590332175_n 1535452_687502074614903_1091533906_n 1525392_687502034614907_1345429297_n 1526237_687503204614790_317821148_n 1504061_687503867948057_889005134_n 1503336_687504427948001_354921263_n 68874_687505294614581_1844537458_n 1536580_687505561281221_507921572_n 1545176_687512494613861_1173235254_n 1560620_687513664613744_1023156122_n 1489245_10202713866108767_635435263_n 1538719_10202713879509102_309797290_n


And then… Fireworks!



So, since then, I have done nothing but relax and sleep a lot. On Monday I start my internship at the local library, but before that I am going to celebrate my 21st birthday, which is this Sunday. I will be celebrating the night before with Cathrine and Mia, and on the actual day, I will be going out for dinner with my family.

Take care, and may this year bring you peace, joy and happiness!