Catching up!

It takes too long between each time I decide on blogging, I’m sorry.

Anyway, my internship is over and done with, and it has truly been an enlightening and refreshing experience. It’s funny how the library studies are so theoretical when the profession itself is a very much practical one, so I believe it is a good idea to sign us all up for an internship already before the second semester begins. I know a lot of people are contemplating dropping out at the moment, due to the fact that they have no idea what they have signed up for, and I can understand that, because the theoretical aspect is so different from the actual practical one we will be served with once we have gotten our diplomas. Of course, there is a chance we have so much theory now just to get on to the practical part later, but there is no way for me to be sure, of course.

I go back to school tomorrow, and on Tuesday I will be presented with a new class that is very much based on literature, which I am looking forward to. Cataloging is getting tiring after a while, to put it lightly.

Anyway, considering I have some hours to kill each day, as I travel by train to Oslo, chances are I will be blogging more frequently again now that my every day life is back to normal.

Wish me luck, and take care!

– Ida


(a picture of me from today, turned out a lot bigger than I thought, but given how I posted it on the Internet, I may as well be honest and say I wasn’t that unhappy about it)



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