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10 Things I Always Prioritize Financially:

I just hit a financial reality-check, as most people do in their twenties, that heavily inspired me to get my finances in some of an order. So I put away my credit card, and decided to bring my own lunch to school every day, and just try to keep myself from living in a luxury that I can’t afford.

Even so, given how I am a regular, mediocre human being and carry no willpower whatsoever, there are some things that I am way too irresponsible not to prioritize. So here are ten things I always – always – prioritize financially. Just so you can feel better about yourself, or at the very least, like you’re not alone:

  1. Cinema visits.
    I love going to the movies. Seriously, if you ask me to come along, unless I am sick as all damnation or in another fucking country, there is a 99% chance that I will say yes to come with you. Regardless of my expectations of the movie’s overall quality. I might make inappropriate jokes or start commenting on the complete lack of talent provided by the so-called actors of the movie, if I find it utterly unbearable, but hey – give me some popcorn and a coke and I’ll most likely be reasonably classy about it.

  2. Concerts.
    Ditto. See point one. Same rule applies. It doesn’t matter if I have ever heard of the band or artist, I’ll come along. The best thing: Give me a week, and I will have read up on enough fun facts and lyrics to make it decently through the concert. Here, of course, it helps that I am terrific at remembering song lyrics. I promise you, give me – yes – a week of practice in order to learn all the tracks on one album (eventually, the greatest hits, depending on which kind of concert we’re going to), and you can be about 80% sure that I‘ll know, if not all, then most of the songs by the time the concert starts. Dare me!

  3. Dinners with friends.
    – We all love to eat, and considering I live at home, my parents are nice enough to provide me with free food at any and all times. Even so, when a friend asks me to have dinner (or lunch or breakfast or brunch or coffee), I will come along, regardless of the emptiness of my wallet. Because dinners are fun, and eating new foods is interesting, and the temperature of restaurants and diners are always – always – so insanely perfect and comfy, and sometimes the waiter is cute or at least very, very nice. All in all, it might turn into a really nice experience, and nice experiences are necessary and good for you. See where I’m going with this?

  4. Bus rides.
    Because I don’t always have the fucking energy to walk, even if walking is something that I actually prioritize (usually) as part of my daily routine. Because it’s nice and for as long as the very much Norwegian weather is bearable, it also makes for some refreshment. When it gets too cold, on the other hand, fresh air becomes insanely overrated and I have to resort to simpler terms: The bus. And that is fucking depressing, because I actually hate the bus. It smells, it’s slow as fuck, the bus driver is always rude, and it’s like someone conspired in order to get all the town’s most stupid people into one, small box. But I don’t always particularly like walking either, as it takes me half an hour to walk to ANY PLACE EVER from where I live, as I live far into the fucking woodlands. That’s it, I’m a woodland creature. That explains my lack of filter and social skills.
    Rusty RV

  5. Any sort of shopping involved with any holiday ever invented.
    You should have seen me this past Halloween, where I spent $74 (500 Norwegian kroner) on candy! Right, Anna? Candy that I was going to hand out to kids that came knocking at our door during our Halloween party. Because apparently, I love being a fucking wending machine, all of a sudden! And that’s really weird, considering I don’t even like kids (unless I’m related to them), and Norway hasn’t really caught up on the whole Halloween-thing yet, so by 7pm, we’d had three groups of kids knocking, our party hadn’t started, and that was it. I think my best friend still has some of that candy, to be honest. Unless she ate it all, which I wouldn’t recommend, because it wasn’t particularly tasty either. So I spent a fortune on bad candy. But that’s the conclusion, and just wait until Christmas arrives. That’s my favorite holiday! Mulled wine and gingerbread, purchased in uncountable amounts, here I come!
    PAGE online - Ideen und Know-how für Design, Werbung, Medien

  6. Kitchen supplies (and anything you can put in a house in order to make it look productive or just remotely pretty).
    I keep telling myself I’m moving out soon. And in order to do so, one thing I need, is supplies. So I am stocking. I have a bunch of plates, a bunch of squared coffee cups that are just SO 1991, wine glasses that combined cost about three bucks (18 Norwegian Kroner), more glasses, and a lot of convenient kitchen supplies. And some decorations. And these are things I love to buy. It’s like buying clothes, except you don’t have to enter that demeaning, insulting, offensive chamber they call a dressing room. Definitely not passing up that opportunity. And I need it. I mean, I do, right?

  7. Anything that’s vital for my makeup routine.
    I am vain, and is that even a problem when I don’t try to hide it? Some friends may call me a bit extreme in that department, as there are occurrences where I curl my hair just to go to school. I know, I know. Hence, if my concealer is running out (which it is – PANIC), I have to buy a new one. Have to. No exception. This is a flaw, as there is no reason that I actually need this concealer. Except in order not to look tired as fuck and like I remember World War 2 very vividly. It’s not that I think everyone else should use makeup. Not at all. Most women look gorgeous without makeup. I’m just one of those that look like the witch from Snow White post-transformation without it. So what can you do?

    Look at ’em bags, sure ain’t pretty!

  8. Every new Supernatural season as soon as it comes out on DVD.
    Yep, my favorite TV-show. This doesn’t apply to any other TV show but Supernatural, really. Because even if I (oh so legally ofc… not) devour said TV-show on a weekly basis right after it happens to air in the States, I need to own it, to cherish it, to have it physically placed in my shelves, so that I can sneakily glance over to it with a delighted, triumphant smirk on my face, and know that it’s MINE. Therefore, the minute December comes along, I am stalking the local music store until they get it in. Regularly. And when they do…, I absolutely don’t mind spending sixty bucks on it. I actually prefer it. Might possibly suffocate without it. Do I have a problem? Yes. Am I okay with that? Abso-fucking-lutely.

    Hey, there!

  9. Books that I very much desire to read.
    Anyone that has ever visited my book blog (wink-and-nudge), knows that I am a big lover of reading, and therefore, am in deep possession of the not at all elitist view that books make you smarter. Therefore, any purchasing of a book must be good for intellectual health and therefore absolutely, one-hundred percent worth spending money on. Of course. Even if it happens to be scientifically proven that said book provides no actual intelligence whatsoever. Especially then.
    this is sooo me.  lmao

  10. Energy drinks and wine.
    Ah, my beautiful guilty pleasures that I absolutely feel no guilt about whatsoever: Caffeine and alcohol. I am a college student, and since too much coffee makes me nauseous, I need energy drinks in order to function properly. It’s as vital to my college experience as Wikipedia is. I will positively flunk out without it. Hence, it’s necessary and needed. Self-discipline has never been an option. If it had been, I would work out. Pfft, as if. Then there’s the wine, which has likely been in my nature to cherish and devour for everything it entails my entire life, but that I didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy to its full potential until my (cough) eighteenth birthday (because I never drank when underage, did I, Mia?). So that is just a natural need of mine. Like food, or oxygen, or orgasms, or chocolate when I’m on my period. And before this becomes too TMI for WordPress, I decided to end it here.

Have a good night, and if this was a cautionary tale to you: Well, this is what fun, carefree life looks like. And am I sorry? Not even a little bit, not even at all.