Monthly Archives: September 2015


Here I am again!

It’s been almost a year (give or take a few months) since I was last spotted on here, and as you may or may not know (those one and half people who still pay attention to this blog), I have long considered just leaving this blog for dead. My literature-blog, is much better, seriously. No one gives a fuck about my life or political views, and they shouldn’t either.

But I always seem to come back to it. And I do now, too.

So what has happened since last time? Well, I started my third and final year of college, I got a part-time job, which is awesome, and… Yeah, that’s basically it. That’s really it. I turned 22. Big deal. Oh, and the supreme court ruling! Given how this is a semi-political blog (albeit about issues that shouldn’t be political), I felt it correct to mention this.

What you can expect now, though, compared to what you may or may not have earlier, is a few posts coming up from now on. I do have a few ideas, and even more things going around in the world infuriating me, or just engaging me otherwise, so stay tuned. Or don’t. Whatever you prefer.

Peace out!

Love, Ida.