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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 8: Discuss Something You’ve Read Online and Link to It.

I am going to alter this question to suit my interests a little bit better, and not post a link, and rather discuss something about the overall Internet that annoys the fucking shit out of me: Comment sections!

Or rather, people on comment sections. Comment sections in and of themselves are nothing if not a tool created to promote freedom of speech, however, and this is a big however, the people commenting abuses this ability to promote their bigoted and narrow-minded agenda.

Here is a challenge for you: Find a comment sections with comments that do not in any shape or form include one of the following tropes:

1. Comparing people to Hitler/the Nazis for not supporting their general cause.
2. Calling someone a communist for reasons stated in #1.
3. Drawing absurd associations between someone’s opinion/the actual article being commented on, and the latest terror attacks that have occurred in the country in which the article was written – usually just to promote their own hateful agenda rather than doing this out of compassion – even if the two have nothing at all whatsoever to do with each other.
4. Blaming Muslims for absolutely everything. Including their own stupidity, probably.
5. Death threats and/or rape threats.
6. Endless list of sexist and/or homophobic remarks.
7. Stating of inaccurate¬†historical “facts”.

Basically, the comment sections of the Internet are go-to groups for people to be the most awful, horrendous, immature, whiny version of themselves possible. The constructive comment is a rarity – if seen at all – in these sections, and if it occurs, it is shot down and ridiculed by other commenters, usually in an even cruder manner if the commenter in question happens to be female.

If there is anything in this world that makes me question humanity, it’s reading Internet comment sections.

A little something to take in…

We see quite a lot of criticism raised towards the modern day feminist movement, and while some of it is of rational nature, there are also a lot of comments stating that “feminists just want to eliminate the man”, and so forth. People who already have their given rights, acting like some poor, innocent victim who is being attacked. We hear anti-feminists, many of whom are men, cause a tantrum over the supposed physical “ugliness” of feminists as a whole, not once taking their time to look at the actual causes that are being promoted.

Well… Back in the early 20th century, when the suffragettes were coming forth, and women started fighting for the right to vote, some men faced their oppositions the following way. See anything you recognize?

suffragette suffragette1 suffragette2 suffragette3 suffragette4 suffragette5 suffragette6 suffragette7 suffragette8 suffragette9 suffragette10 suffragette11 suffragette12 suffragette13 suffragette14 suffragette15 suffragette16 suffragette17 suffragette18 suffragette19 suffragette20 suffragette21 suffragette22 suffragette23 suffragette24 suffragette25 suffragette26 suffragette27 suffragette28 suffragette29 suffragette30 suffragette31 suffragette32 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The German poster: “Do you want such wives? Vote NO against women suffrage.”


Whereas this was what it really looked like:

realsuffragette realsuffragette1 realsuffragette2 realsuffragette3 realsuffragette4 realsuffragette5 realsuffragette6 realsuffragette7 realsuffragette8 realsuffragette9 realsuffragette10 realsuffragette11



So… let’s see where we are one hundred years from today…

Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela.

nelson mandela


This post will be very short, as I have a hard time putting words to my thoughts right now.
The world lost a great man today. A hero, a legend. Possibly the greatest human rights activist of our time.

Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela.

Loved but never, ever forgotten.

Exam, mulled wine, gingerbread and time to become political again.

Contrary to what the headline suggests, I am going to take the worst things first:

A few weeks/months ago, I informed you of the new Norwegian government’s brilliant idea of extending the right of reservation for doctors, GPs in particular, in cases of abortion. I have my fair share of feminist values, and being pro-choice is definitely one of them, and I am repulsed by this decision!

Now the religious, fanatical moralists have gotten through with their agenda, and the extension is being passed. Why, thank you, beautiful government of Norway, for your fantastic Christmas present to young women nationwide. I could not be more grateful! Note sarcasm.

According to several Norwegian newspapers, Norwegian women are outraged by this, particularly women in their late teens, twenties and early thirties. Because this country has failed those women. We have had the right to choose nationwide since the mid-late ’70s. For over 35 years, we have been in possession of this law-given right, and now it is being shrunken. The older women have uttered their frustration as well, memorized back to the olden days, where they fought for us to have this right.

Norway, you have failed your women, in favor of wealthy people with first world problems, who chose an education where they signed a petition that informed them straight out that when dealing with your patient, your religious and/or ethical conviction no longer matters. They educated themselves into becoming GPs, they chose that particular profession. I never educated myself into becoming female. I can’t educate myself to NOT get raped, I can’t educate myself to NOT have the condom break.

If the worst thing that has happened to you, is signing a petition that demanded that you, if needed, had to do something that went against your “moral beliefs”, you haven’t really had it that hard.

Get a fucking clue.

MOVING ON! I had a good time today, prior to this major fiasco called the new Norwegian government decided to shove their moral views up between my legs.

I finished my exam. I think I did my best, so we’ll see how this goes. It is such a relief! Then I sat down for some mulled wine and gingerbread, while listening to Christmas carols. Felt wonderful.

Have a nice day!


And then my rights went out the window!

A.K.A. the next time I witness a middle-aged man make a half-assed attempt at shoving his religion in between my legs, I am gonna close them up and kick him in the nuts. If he has any.

Hey mama, welcome to the ’60s!

Norway has found Marty McFly and the time machine and made its way back to the 1960s. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was not opposed to the idea of a new government. I thought: “Hey! A change could do you good!”
Remind me not to make that mistake again, because honestly, by the time the next election comes around, I might go insane and vote for the communist party on principle.

Maybe I am exaggerating, maybe I’m not, all I know is I am in the process of losing my damn mind!

As you might have guessed, this has to do with women’s reproductive rights and the right to choose in fucking general! I am not going to be particularly articulate or phrase my words eloquently in this post, so just suck it up and listen to this rant from a twenty-year-old woman living and breathing in Norway for one second, okay?

Our new government has taken it upon themselves to limit women’s abortion rights by giving our uneducated, exam-cheating doctors the liberty of denying us an abortion if their religious views call for it.
If your religious views are calling you so fucking intently, why don’t you become a pastor or a munk or a priest or a nun instead?

Here is how fucked the health care system in Norway is: Endless queues and lines. It’s hard enough to get a doctor’s appointment as is, and now we have to roam the country in order to no carry through with, say, for example, our rapist’s baby? Good to know. Very healthy. Did I mention an all too high percentage of our doctors cheat on their exams?

See, this is why I am never getting married… Or part of the reason why, anyway. See, I have women in, let’s call it, near circumstances, who were fighting really hard for women’s rights back in the ’70s and ’80s. What happened? Bitches got married and had kids and now they are all anti-choice.

I’m rambling.

Seriously: This has given me perspective. Perspective on how privileged I really am. SCRATCH THAT! WAS! What possesses men to believe they even have a say in this? It’s not their body. Go the fuck away. How can you trust me with a child if you can’t even trust me with a fucking choice of my own? Spoiler alert: You can’t!

Seriously, stop shoving God up my vagina, it’s getting irritating. I want a doctor who believes in scientific proof, not a spiritual being that he can worship as much as he wants in his own spare time. So now I have to stalk my doctor to see if she is religious, and if she is, then I’m going to have to change her. Again.

This is so damn ridiculous.

And those parties claim to be favoring everyone’s individual choice. Unless you are a woman, apparently!

What do they do if a thirteen-year-old girl gets raped and pregnant? What then?
Also, here is a question: A man rapes a woman. Woman gets pregnant. Woman has abortion. Who commits the worst sin? The rapist or the woman having had the abortion.

Here’s the deal about those fetuses that are being aborted: THEY CAN’T FUCKING LIVE OUTSIDE THE WOMAN’S BODY! They aren’t lives. Seriously: Fucking bugs can live on their own, and we still snatch them from time to time again.

Okay, fine.

If we can’t have an abortion, you can’t jerk off. Because your sperm cells might become babies one day. So good luck being all tense and pissed off. It ain’t fun.

I probably had a lot more to say, but I guess that’s it for today.

Bye bye.

Do celebrities have responsibility as role models?

Also known as: Why I think the Moral Police should go fuck themselves, since no one else will.

Personally, I am not an easily influenced person, at all, and I pride myself on that. Maybe that is something that has always been lingering in me, that separates me as the special snowflake that I undoubtedly am from the rest of the entire fucking world…?

Sensing the irony in the introduction? Good, because it’s so wrong. Not the first part, about me not being easily influenced, and never having been so, but that hardly goes for just me, and it’s probably not always been that way.

I’m not going to act like I understand children’s mentality, but I do pride myself on an impeccable memory which grants me with a severe amount of knowledge on how it was for me personally to be a child, and that gets me somewhere, in my estimation.

My early childhood – the years in which I was the most impressionable – took place in the ’90s. Now think about what kind of “role models” I and my generation was presented with, and don’t include the Disney-movies, however flawless they might have been. I watched Britney Spears dance on my TV-screen wearing very little clothing, I tried to dance like the Spice Girls, my friends had overly sexualized pictures of boy-band pretty boys hanging on their walls, and I was standing in my room at the age of six singing: “Boom, boom, boom, boom, I want you in my room!” and didn’t think twice about it.

Maybe people weren’t so strict back then? I mean, we are after all the last generation to actually play outside in the street without supervision, aren’t we? Maybe a child’s upbringing wasn’t seen as some tender thing that needed hours upon hours of nurturing? Maybe we weren’t so sheltered… Maybe, maybe, maybe.

But I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I had an incredible childhood, and my cultural preferences only contributed to that in a positive manner, which I am entirely grateful for.

I feel like society underestimates the qualities of people with great knowledge within pop culture, in general. Because such knowledge can be beneficial in many an aspect. I am grateful that I remember the essential parts of the ’90s as seen in the public eye, not only what was censored to fit my age and my age only. It makes my memory even more remarkable and allows me a ¬†greater perspective on my life and its general structure. So suck it.

Granted, it is up for discussion whether or not I turned out okay, but no matter what kind of “immoral” choices I made in my teen years, I can promise you one thing: My lame-ass choices aren’t Britney Spears’ nor Christina Aguilera’s fault. They’re mine.

Because my childhood was awesome and safe. Wanna know why? Because I had an actual upbringing! I had parents who didn’t leave it to a random celebrity to raise me. I had a grandmother who ensured I stayed emotionally healthy and happy.

Bottom line: If you are too sucky a parent to take care of your damn kids, don’t have any. And don’t leave it to famous people you haven’t even met to raise them. That’s your fucking job.

Peace out, except I don’t believe in that kinda shit!

– Ida.


Hello everybody.

I keep telling myself that I should keep this blog going more frequently. As a matter of fact, I tell myself this every time I make a new post (although that isn’t very often).

As I do not have many followers, and that it doesn’t really matter whether or not I do anyway, I could easily just use this blog as a journal, but for some reason, my life is so insignificant, I might just let it be.

As of lately I have caught up with a lot of things of my desire. I have written a great lot for my own sake only, and I have gotten to spend time with my friends. Exhibit A: We went to Gothenburg for a day in May, which made for a great day.

Summer is approaching, and this year, I will be going to Alicante, Spain with two friends of mine. Whatever your stereotypical brain tells you about the weather in Norway as of right now, is probably an accurate description. It’s raining all the time, and for summer, it’s cold, so I am looking forward to get away, if only for a week.

In addition, I have a good amount of family business going on. A good kind of family business, that is.

To top it all off, as far as my TV-show obsessed self goes, I have gotten started on Supernatural, a show that positively surprised me.

I guess that was all I had to say for now.

P.S.: I am devastated to hear the news about the gay rights-ban Russia has introduced. I hope the LGBT-community over there will fight regardless, however hopeless that may seem.